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System Solutions

Empowering Businesses Across South Asia: Systems Solutions - Your Trusted IT Partner

Incepted in the Maldives in 2010, Systems Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an innovative software development and consultancy company. In over a decade, with development hubs in Maldives, India and Bhutan by today, we have sculpted a legacy of excellence. Specialized in business automation and digital transformation, our focus is on pioneering Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and creating custom software marvels. The BSOL ERP SUITE stands as a testament to our competence, a bespoke masterpiece tailored to perfection. Complementing this is our HR-MetricS, a harmonious blend of functionalities that define the pinnacle of Human Capital management.

Why Choose Systems Solutions Pvt Ltd?

Empowering Businesses across South Asia: Systems Solutions -SSPL - Your Trusted IT Partner
Proven track record of success

We have a years strong track record of delivering successful IT solutions to a wide range of clients.

Scalability and Growth

We're here to support your business as it grows, providing scalable IT infrastructure and ongoing support.

Multilingual Support

Communicate seamlessly with our team, available in English, Dhivehi, and other local languages.

Commitment to innovation

We are constantly innovating and investing in emerging technologies to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Personalized service

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and providing them with the personalized service they deserve.

Round Clock Support Assistance

Step confidently into a world of unwavering support and assistance - where your needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Tailored Solutions

From tourism and hospitality to marine industries and government agencies, we tailor our IT solutions to your specific industry and business goals.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

If you are looking for IT solutions to stay ahead of the curve and secure your market future position, look no further than our cutting-edge solutions! Entrust us to provide

Sustainable Solutions

We're committed to environmentally friendly practices, offering energy-efficient IT solutions and supporting sustainable development initiatives in the region.

Leading the Charge

The Code-Cracking Crew: Meet the Minds behind Systems Solutions
Ahmed Saeed
Ahmed Saeed

More than just lines of code, Mr. Saeed builds bridges – connecting Maldivian businesses and individuals to the power of technology. Their passion for progress shines through, igniting a fire within the team to create solutions that not only serve but inspire.

Saman Pushpakumara
Saman Pushpakumara

The rare veteran in accounting with in-depth accounting knowledge, vast accounting and auditing experience across various industries, with a proactive approach to problem.

Boobalakrishnan M
Boobalakrishnan M

15 + years forging digital pathways. Across software development and IT consulting, He navigated complex landscapes, building solutions that empower. Now, He bring that expertise to your shores, ready to chart a course for your IT product's success in the Maldives

What We Do

Software Development

Dive into paradise with our software development expertise. Build world-class solutions from the Maldives' pristine shores. Experience agile, efficient development tailored for your unique needs.

Web Application Development

Maldives goes digital! Your IT partner for stunning websites, engaging apps, and seamless e-commerce solutions. We craft UI/UX magic, design that wows, and CMS that empowers. Let's build your online success story together!

Mobile Application Development

From native iOS and Android to hybrid marvels and cross-platform magic with MAUI, we build apps that shine on any screen. Let's craft the mobile solution that takes your Maldivian business to new heights!

IT consulting services

Our IT consulting expertise transforms your business with automation, digitalization, and robust security, paving the way for success in today's dynamic landscape.

ERP Systems

Island-Ready Solutions: Choose cloud-based ERPs designed for scalability and remote accessibility, perfect for Maldives' unique geographic landscape and growing tourism industry.

HR & Payroll Consulting Service

Optimize your workforce: Leverage HR-MetricS tools to gain valuable insights into your workforce data. Make data-driven decisions to improve employee performance and reduce costs.

Our Clients

Empowering Businesses, Witnessing Success Stories Client List in Table-Tile

VOYAGES Maldives


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Mombo is a HTML5 template based on Sass and Bootstrap 5 with modern and creative multipurpose design you can use.


Mombo is a HTML5 template based on Sass and Bootstrap 5 with modern and creative multipurpose design you can use.

Nancy Bayers

Mombo is a HTML5 template based on Sass and Bootstrap 5 with modern and creative multipurpose design you can use.

Nancy Bayers

Mombo is a HTML5 template based on Sass and Bootstrap 5 with modern and creative multipurpose design you can use.

Nancy Bayers

Connect from Paradise: We're closer than a coral reef's dream

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