BSOL ERP Suite: 

  BSOL Contained Following Modules like (Logistics, Sales, Inventory, HRMS, Finance, CRM and CSM). Most of the ERP was Failure in Operational Issues and Security so that Our Development Team Used Different Approaches mainly Other ERP Systems Concentrating Inventory or Production but BSOL Concentrating HRMS first , Because of this Approach only BSOL became Successful. Based on HRMS Module only we can do the User Rights and Department Based on Modules and Designation level based Security and All. 

Key Features


·          Entering Shipment General Details

·          Shipment Supplier Invoice Details Entry with CBM and Container Details

·          Upload Shipment Invoice Items To Inventory with Excel

·          Payment Request and Approval Based on Shipment

·          Payment Status Check where Paid Or Approved with Division Head and Finance Department

·          Make Transshipments and Related Payments Settings


·          Sales Enquiry

·          Proforma Creation

·          Customer Registration

·          Credit Evaluation

·          Billing

·          Receipt Entry

·          Write Off (Credit and Debit Note)

·          Sales Dashboard

·          Sales Related Reports


·          Item Master

·          Item Costing Details

·          Discount Sales Inventory

·          Defected Units

·          Costing Control Panel

·          Supply chain management

Service Center

·          Service Station

·          Unit Recovery

·          Garage Panel

·          Service Process Setting

Hire Purchase

·          Process Detail and Payment Request

·          Monthly Salary Creations and verification

·          Cheque Registry and Payment Due date change

·          Debt collection

·          Dealers Manager

Supply Chain Management

·         Supplier Details

·         Stock Manager

·         Procurement Master

·         Product Costing

·         Reports

·         Upcoming and Completed Shipment Details


·          Profile Manager

·          Facility Manger

·          Attendance Master

·          Appraisal Manager

·          Front Office

·          Control Panel


·          Attendance Board and Attendance Adjustment

·          Leave Request and Status

·          Salary Advance and Loan Request and Approval

·          Company Hotline Directory

Knowledge Box ,Event Logger and Employees Personal page

Payroll Manager

·          Monthly Attendance Compilation and Approvals

·          Monthly Salary Creations and verification

·          Salary Related Documents Like (Bank transfer Person Etc..)

·          Pay slip Distribution for All Employees personal Email


·         All Sales Related Payments receipts and Write off

·         Customers Cheque Entry’s and Cheque Bounce

·         Credit worthiness check for Credit Customers

·         Company Accounts Maintenance

·         Payroll Related Payment and Loan Receipts and Settlement

·         OT work Payment Dispatchment.