HRMS MetricS: 

We have Efficient HR and Payroll Systems with 3 Platforms (Desktop, web and Mobile App). Human resources are the foundation stone and the best asset of any successful business organization. Significant investments are made to acquire, decorate and maintain a good office environment.  Furthermore a lot is spent in obtaining various resources and employees to run the office. But is enough attention paid in managing the best asset of the organization - the employees? Systems Solutions MetricS is an amazing product to eliminate all such HR related anxieties.

Throughout the employment tenure of a staff; MetricS facilitates a hassle free, time efficient approach to manage employees, attendance and performance records.Mobility is also about ease of user experience. HR-MetricS solutions on the mobile device have been designed with the philosophy, “If you can use your device, you can use our solution”. This means that the usability of the solution lends itself to being used without any training. HR-MetricS has been conceptualized and delivered with a thorough understanding of the device’s capabilities, usage scenarios and the user’s skill set. Native support is available for iPhone& iPad, and mobile web support is available for all devices.

HR-MetricS helps increase employee productivity by making key information available anywhere, anytime. The employee can now manage multiple self-service transactions on the go. Similarly, the Manager can complete multiple transactions pertaining to their teams, while away from the desk including while commuting, Traveling on work, at home or in a meeting.

Key Features

Profile Manager

·          Employee Personal Details

·          Resource Education and Education Details

·          Employment Details, Individual Employees Salary Details

·          Job Contract  with English and Localized Languages

·          Employees Job Descriptions and Employees Personal Document Details

Control Panel

·          Profile Setting

·          Attendance Setting

·          Payroll  Setting

·          General Setting

·          Organization Setting

·          Designation Setting

·          Appraisal Setting

Facility Manager

·          Work Permit and Visa and other License Related alerts

·          Company Staffs Accommodation

·          Document Safe Locker and Travel Management, Company Accessories

Front Office

·          Front Office Admin

·          Utility Bill collections

·          CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility

·          Admin Related Setting

Attendance Manager

·          Attendance Punch records(IN and OUT) and download and Upload

·          Attendance Adjustments

·          Leave Management for HR Final Approvals and Import Export Options.


·          Attendance Board and Attendance Adjustment

·          Leave Request and Status

·          Salary Advance and Loan Request and Approval

·          Company Hotline Directory

Knowledge Box ,Event Logger and Employees Personal page

Appraisal Manager

·          Employee Dislodgement (Transfer, Promotion and Demotions)

·          Warning and Cautions

·          Suspensions Based on Warning and Cautions

·          Appraisal Questions settings and Result points


·         User Registration and Login ID and Encrypted Password Generation

·         Group User Rights Forming

·         Individual User Rights Management

Draft Template Design

Payroll Manager

·          Monthly Attendance Compilation and Approvals

·          Monthly Salary Creations and verification

·          Salary Related Documents Like (Bank transfer Person Etc..)

·          Pay slip Distribution for All Employees personal Email

Smart Recruiter

·         Candidates Profile Registration Based on Qualifications

·         Candidates Profile Shortlisting (Based On JD and Skill Key Words System will give Suggestion List)

·         Interview Panel (Conducting Interview with Varies Level General,Technical,HR)

·         Result Announcements for All Candidates

·         All the Candidate can Apply online