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Systems Solutions offers HR MetriCs tools that are powered by strong algorithms and made to draw out valuable information from your data assets. This enables your business to grow its talent pool, improve employee happiness, and empower your team.

What Is Special In Our HR Metrics Software Solutions?

Our Human Resources metrics software will perform a variety of tasks related to hiring and applicant monitoring, payroll processing, employee engagement, and workforce management. Organizations may choose their people strategy by measuring these types of factors, such as what’s functioning well, what needs improvement, and what trends to expect in the future.
The efficacy of different HR responsibilities and projects, including as recruiting, employee retention, training, and labor expenses, is evaluated using HR metrics. These indicators can help human resources departments work more effectively and show senior management the worth of their work.

Turn Your Business Profitable With Our Top-Notch HR MetriCs Software With Beneficiary Features

Elegant Organizational Dashboards

HR teams may track, examine, and get information on HR KPIs utilizing the dashboards. Using HR analytics, contemporary, interactive dashboards make it simple to aggregate data from all systems and do in-depth analyses of that data from inside the dashboard.

Annual Appraisal Cycle

You may measure and evaluate employee performance using a variety of tools from the Appraisal Management module. Depending on their requirements, the questions and the grades can be altered. Based on the results, you can Evaluate your employees on behavioral metrics. 

Reliable Tax Calculation

You can start configuring income tax in our HR Metrics in accordance with the government’s Income Tax Act. The tax calculator is intended to assist you in obtaining the correct tax value based on your gross salary, pension, and non-cash compensation.

Superficial Data explorer

With our interactive dashboard, you can spend less time preparing data and identifying ways to manage better staffing, development, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations.

Hiring employees

Every successful hire may simply be turned into an employee. You may go to staff information, search by candidate ID, and create an employee record after changing the candidate’s status from pending to choose.

Choose a Rating Category

The rating category aids in conducting evaluations based on many criteria, including attendance score, self-assessment, and superior evaluation. Additionally, you may specify the various question kinds for each category. The evaluators will receive a message, and you can manually distribute the created Evaluation link.

Our Workflow

Gathering The Clients Requirement

Gathering The Clients Requirement

Once we were devoted to initiating the work, we congregated the ideas and conditions to invent the software as the client desired in eminent ways.

Complete Demands We Analyze

Complete Demands We Analyze

Subsequently, we gather the necessary knowledge to do quick research to provide one of the best business solutions blaze up.

Clear-Edge Development

Clear-Edge Development

Our nifty tech teams will work according to an effective manner with futuristic technologies to provide the software with magnificent quality.

God-Eye Testing

God-Eye Testing

Before originating the developed software, we cross-check and bugs free scripts with a good navigation process to hold the frame standard as we have till now.

Promptly Delivery

Promptly Delivery

We always have the stick policy to deliver the software just at the time when the client needs to start their business as per their wish. 

User-Friendly Support

Even after we deliver the software, our support team will follow the client frequently to maintain a customer-friendly relationship whenever our clients need us.

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Quite capable of adjusting to cutting-edge technologies ensures our clients' businesses are both fashionable and safe.

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we will take the NDA and privacy policy into account. We adhere to a kind and private arrangement with each of our clients.

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You may get in touch with us whenever you like, without any reluctance. We are available to you.

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When we agree to work on a project with one of our clients, we deliver it to that client within the allotted time frame.

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For the benefit of our clients, we have a team of new technology specialists.

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