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Systems Solutions aspires at the threshold of this complex technological world to create a programmed software to meet unique business or personal objectives, goals, or processes. The objective is has been achieved by a software development which involves multiple steps such as research, designing a data and process flow, writing technical documentation, comprehensively testing, debugging and pushing it iteratively to live. Our company is a challenges in the Software Industry, looking forward to achieve its goals by meeting clients’ needs of attention.
We are the System solutions focused on the fully technology driven outsourced software developer, enlarged to assist you with exclusive software products which is unique smooth user interfaces and outstanding business value.
Systems Solutions ensure that we deliver the excellent services and products to our customers. So we implement following steps to deliver good products.

Our professional executive software development team will create a convention solution that will reflect your company's obligation. Our Centre of attention is to provide businesses across the world with high level essential software solution in Maldives to strengthen business needs.

We are at outsource all kinds of projects, like Hospitality, School/College, Tender, HR Management, Accounting and ERP's. As a software development company in Maldives. We are very worthwhile and cost effective to provide timely deliveries of our software development projects with time-saving and user friendly.

Software development (also known as application development, software design, designing software, software application development, enterprise application development, or platform development) is the development of a software product. The term "software development" may be used to refer to the activity of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code.

Software can be developed for a variety of purposes, the three most common being to meet specific needs of a specific client/business (the case with custom software), to meet a perceived need of some set of potential users (the case with commercial and open source software), or for personal use (e.g. a scientist may write software to automate a mundane task).

Project Planning

In the Planning phase, project leaders evaluate the terms of the project. Planning can also include feedback from stakeholders. Stakeholders are anyone who stands to benefit from the application. Try to get feedback from potential customers, developers, subject matter experts, and sales reps.
Planning provides clearly define the scope and purpose of the application. It plots the course and provisions the team to effectively create the software. It also sets boundaries to help keep the project from expanding or shifting from its original purpose. Project planning is a vital role in the software delivery lifecycle. The planning phase is to prioritize the requirements and assess possible solutions. It helps in defining the real scope of the project including limitations and risks of the project.

Requirements & Analysis

Defining requirements is considered part of planning to determine what the application is supposed to do and its requirements. Requirements also include defining the resources needed to build the project.
The requirements positioned documented, actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design. Requirements analysis is an interactive, iterative process in which the expectations and needs of each stakeholder are explored.
A lot goes into analyzing the hopes for an upcoming task or event such as knowing who might need something out of it; understanding where priorities lie when allocating resources; determining which steps should come first according to importance.
The immediate benefit of Business Analysis is that it provides a clear view of the project through a variety of methods that can be easily tracked and adjusted as needed.


In the design phase, the program developer scrutinizes whether the prepared software suffices all the requirements of the end-user. Additionally, if the project is feasible for the customer technologically, practically, and financially. The Design phase models the way a software application will work. Some aspects of the design include:


Implementation is the part of the process where software engineers actually program the code for the project. These systems help developers track changes to the code. They also help ensure compatibility between different team projects and to make sure target goals are being met. The coding process includes many other tasks. Finding and fixing errors and glitches is critical. Tasks often hold up the development process, such as waiting for test results or compiling code so an application can run. SDLC can anticipate these delays so that developers can be tasked with other duties.
Software developers appreciate instructions and explanations. Documentation can be a formal process, including wiring a user guide for the application. It can also be informal, like comments in the source code that explain why a developer used a certain procedure. Even companies that strive to create software that’s easy and intuitive benefit from the documentation.
The tasks are divided into modules or units and assigned to various developers. The developers will then start building the entire system by writing code using the programming languages they chose. This stage is considered to be one of the longest in SDLC. The developers need certain predefined coding guidelines, and programming tools like interpreters, compilers, debugger to implement the code.


Once the developers build the software, then it is deployed in the testing environment. Then the testing team tests the functionality of the entire system. In this phase of SDLC, the testing is done to ensure that the entire application works according to the customer requirements.

It’s critical to test an application before making it available to users. Much of the testing can be automated, like security testing. Other testing can only be done in a specific environment – consider creating a simulated production environment for complex deployments.

Testing should ensure that each function works correctly. Different parts of the application should also be tested to work seamlessly together performance test, to reduce any hangs or lags in processing.

The testing phase helps reduce the number of bugs and glitches that users encounter. This leads to a higher user satisfaction and a better usage rate. Each and every requirement should be testable will load in an acceptable time frame”.


Deployment involves moving software from one controlled environment to another, In the deployment phase, the application is made available to users. Many companies prefer to automate the deployment phase. Software deployment refers to the process of making the application work on a target device, whether it be a test server, production environment or a user’s computer or mobile device.
Deployment is the mechanism through which applications, modules, updates, and patches are delivered from developers to users. The methods used by developers to build, test and deploy new code will impact how fast a product can respond to changes in customer preferences or requirements and the quality of each change.
Traditionally, deployments were carried out using what is termed a big-bang approach where all features are released in one go. But currently, due to technology and risk management, rolling or phased deployments are preferred through gradual release across the environment over a period of time.


Technical documentation in software engineering is the umbrella term that encompasses all written documents and materials dealing with software product development. All software development products, whether created by a small team or a large corporation, require some related documentation. And different types of documents are created through the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC). Documentation exists to explain product functionality, unify project-related information, and allow for discussing all significant questions arising between stakeholders and developers.

Here are the main recommendations points to have been done in our product requirement document:

Roles and responsibilities

Start your document with the information about project participants including a product owner, team members, and stakeholders. These details will clarify responsibilities and communicate the target release goals for each of the team members.

Team goals and business objective

Define the most important goals in a short point form. Background and strategic fit. Provide a brief explanation of the strategic aim of your actions. Why are you building the product? How do your actions affect product development and align with the company’s goals?


Create a list of technical or business assumptions that the team might have. User Stories. List or link user stories that are required for the project. A user story is a document written from the point of view of a person using your software product. The user story is a short description of customer actions and results they want to achieve. Acceptance criteria. Those are the conditions that indicate a user story is completed. The main purpose of acceptance criteria is to define a satisfactory result for a usage scenario from the end.

user perspective.

Check our dedicated articles on acceptance criteria and user acceptance testing to learn more. User interaction and design. Link the design explorations and wireframes to the page. Questions. As the team solves the problems along the project progression, they inevitably have many questions arising. A good practice is to record all these questions and track them. Not doing. List the things which you aren’t doing now but plan on doing soon. Such a list will help you organize your teamwork and prioritize features.

Training and Support

No matter how user friendly or intuitive a software is, we provide a training for our customer to realize the technology’s full capabilities.
This is because software often patterns a number of approaches to using its feature.


Software maintenance is one type of process, which helps to upgrade, modify, and update software to stay up with client needs. Software maintenance is performed for a variety of purposes, including improving the software overall, addressing faults or bugs, increasing performance, and more, once the software is released or launched.
The maintenance phase lasts the longest of all phases of the software life cycle. The primary reason that the maintenance phase last longest is the life of the software. Most software programs remain in operation until they become obsolete due to changes in a user’s needs or until the cost of maintaining the software becomes prohibitive to future use of the software.
Systems Solutions Pvt.ltd (sysoics) is providing complete solutions for your Business in Maldives as well as globally. We have dynamic and experienced IT Consultants in various Technologies and different Business Domains. Systems Solutions is one of the Best IT Consulting Firm in Maldives. Systems Solutions provides right solution to right person in cost and Time efficient and best Quality of Services.
System solutions providing consulting Services for Following Business Domains
IT Consulting Services

Systems Solutions Providing Following IT Related Consulting
Services to Our Clients in Maldives

IT Transformation Services

SYSOICS IT Transformation Services help develop the initiatives, structures, and capabilities you need to get the most out of your IT investments.

Cloud Consulting Services

Whether it’s your first hybrid cloud or you’re expanding an enterprise solution, team up with our cloud experts to plan, build, and run trusted cloud computing for your organization.

ITSM Consulting Services

Get implementation services for SYSOICS ITSM solutions so you can enjoy the benefits of service delivery that meets the demands of mobile, social, and collaborative customers.

Workload Automation Services

Get the most from your workload automation solution, whether you’re new to Control-M or a long-time user looking to optimize.

Data Center Automation Services

Manage data center automation complexity and reduce your IT costs by leveraging the expertise of our project managers, consultants, and architects.

IT Operations Services

Every IT environment is unique—tailor your performance, capacity, and availability solutions to your specific needs so you can uphold you’re SLAs.

Technology and Platform Integration

Systems Solutions Providing Various Technology integration and Also Multi-platform Integration like SAP and Oracle Module Integration and All.

Software Development Estimation

If you want to develop a program on your own but don’t know how to go about it, we can work out the estimates regarding the time, money and technology aspects.

Project Management

While developing a project is one thing, managing it is another matter. As an IT consulting firm, we can remotely manage your IT project of any size.

Software Programming and Deployment

Our IT consulting services also include third-party software programming and/or deployment via outsourcing route.

System Administration

We are also capable of administrating or monitoring your IT systems remotely 24x7 so that you may feel safe and secure.

We build our teams around your domain and technology requirements, offering specialized services and solutions that meet the distinct needs of your business. Our deep-set commitment to our customers defines how we do business, and our years of experience working across industries underpin the vast array of services we offer.
Our understanding of your industry, combined with insights from our Centers of Excellence, allow us to more efficiently equip your business with proven solutions that incorporate industry best practices. With engagement models that match the size and scale of your operations, we support your business goals and offer partnership opportunities based on gain-share and risk-share models, as appropriate.
Are you looking for a competitive advantage in today’s demanding marketplace? Systems Solutions is your preferred partner equipped with all those resources to reflect diverse needs of yours with finesse. With a creative team on one hand and years of expertise on the other, we aim to put forward your priorities that exceed your expectations. Thus all our developed webapps are built with powerful backend CMS.

Web Multimedia

Add video on your web site or have a complete flash web site and see your popularity ranking high.

Web Promotion

We can promote your site to acquire more traffic, more enquiries, more leads, and more value. Web Promotion is a three phase process and we are your companion to see you through all the phases and that too very well. We get your site listed at the most popular Internet directories because they can send you substantial amounts of traffic and affect you’re ranking in various search engines. Email marketing is a great way to promote your electronic Shop to buyers including those who are interested in your shop but have not purchased items from you in the past.


Systems Solutions™ specializes in affordable SEO friendly website designs and search engine optimization services. Our core competency is to provide effective and customized cutting edge SEO solutions. Our team of certified search engine optimization experts have each over 9 years of technology experience. We understand a successful online campaign comprises of high website traffic, high conversions, and high stimulus to the web consumer.

Web hosting

Systems Solutions services is the best Web Designing & Development, Content Management, Domain & Hosting registration, software & BPO solutions, language translation, and SMS services company which has worldwide (global) presence. Systems Solutions gives your website the power of reliable and committed web hosting service providing high speed servers, 99.99% uptime, valuable account options, plentiful disk storage, and huge traffic allowance.


We offer e-commerce services in custom-built solutions as well as packaged software customization and implementations. This helps customers to heave their business from point of sale implementation and go global.

Systems Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing Mobile App development company in Maldives and providing comprehensive mobile solutions.Our specialization is developing customized Mobile Application Development for Android, Ios.

Mobile apps are one of the hottest marketing platforms in today’s world for any business. Smartphones and tablet sales have skyrocketed in the last few years making mobile apps one of the smartest ways to reach out to the target audience in an impersonal way. There are more than a million apps for Android and iOS powered devices two of the leading mobile platforms in the world. This is a testimony to the fast growth and overwhelming popularity of apps in handheld devices. Mobile technologies offer new opportunities and have been inspiring innovative thinking. Businesses that have adopted this modern marketing tool have established a one-to-one relationship with their clients.

Mobile Application Screen Shots (HR MetricSys)

We develop mobile applications for the following platforms

What we provide?

Systems Solutions offers a full service in development of hardware and software solutions and products using proven development lifecycle methods and tools. We support all of the major technology stacks in the enterprise and business software development – Microsoft, Java, Google and Apple. In addition, we offer a full service in design end development of embedded systems and products. This includes design and development of both hardware and software components in such systems.
Systems Solutions R&D services include the complete development project lifecycle, from setup and project management to delivery and support, including all of the major phases of a typical project:

Enterprise & Mobility Application Development

We offer turn key development services for design and development of enterprise applications that target specific business needs and processes. In particular, we have an extensive experience in development of business intelligence and reporting applications. In addition we offer a full service in development of modern applications for mobile devices, like mobile phones and tablets, using technology stacks from Apple (iPad and iPhone), Google (Android phones and tablets).

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